Our Promise

At Parker & Dicce we've worked hard to win our reputation, so we work just as hard to keep it. 
That’s why, apart from just great hair, we promise to deliver 3 simple things to every valued client:

We'll Give You A Quote

You'll never get a shock when you get to the desk to pay. We'll always quote you first and find a way to achieve what you need within your budget. 

We'll Always be Honest

If we know that a hairstyle or hair colour won't suit your hair type. face shape, skin tones or lifestyle we will offer you professional advise and explore alternatives.

We'll Follow Up Afterwards

We'll always follow up afterwards with a short text or email to check how you're getting on with your new hair style or hair colour, and ask you to rate your visit.  

How It Works

We're serious about keeping our promises with every client, both new and regular. Here's how we do it.


Get A Quote

Let's start right now! 
You can use our online booking page, or download the free Parker & Dicce app from your app store (iOS/Android). Simply select the services and level of stylist you would like, and choose the day/time you'd like to come. 
You'll get an instant quote. 
You can change your selected days/stylist to explore alternative pricing, or press 'book now' to secure your appointment at the quoted price.

Before Your Appointment

Complimentary Consultation

Before your appointment, you will be given a complimentary consultation. For new hair colour appointments, this might be a couple of days beforehand so that we can patch test you, and in some cases, carry out some tests on your hair to be sure of a great result on the day of your appointment. 
During your consultation, we will review what you're hoping to achieve and offer professional advice. If there are any additional services or treatments required to achieve your desired result, we'll tell you straight away and advise you of the cost before we begin. 
Additionally, you can opt to book with any stylist's technician to apply your hair colour. You'll still receive the same thorough consultation from your stylist, but they will hand you over to their technician to apply the hair colour for them. Your quote/final bill will be reduced at the time of booking to reflect this (simply select a 'technician' for the hair colour service) .

During Your Appointment

Time To Relax

Now that you know how much you will be paying, it's time to relax and enjoy your hair appointment without any unwelcome surprises later on. The entire team are available if you need anything, and we're known for keeping all of our clients well topped up with refreshments during their services.  

After Your Appointment

How Are Things?

We care that you're able to look after your new hairstyle, and also, that your salon visit lives up to expectations. That's why we'll send you a short text or a quick email after a couple of days asking how things are going with your new hair and how the appointment went overall?
If you have any questions or feedback, it will be delivered straight back to the salon so that your stylist or their manager can help you.
Interesting fact: One of our regular clients once texted back suggesting that her latest visit would have been even better if we 'had a coffee machine so she could help herself on busy days when the staff were short handed'. By the time of her next appointment, we'd installed a coffee machine, and now we'd never be without one!       

Between Appointments

We're here 24/7

You can login at our website, or via our app, at any time to make new appointments, reschedule or cancel existing ones, purchase gift vouchers or check your loyalty points balance and upcoming loyalty rewards.
You can also pop by the salon for complimentary fringe trims, refreshments and great face to face hair advice between appointments. Replenishing your favourite hair products is easy too - even if you send your partner to pick them up, we'll be sure they come back with the products we know you buy!